A Better way to handle Sales Order Platform for Wholesalers



What is SalesHero ?

SalesHero is a mobile apps helps
tradisional wholesales Improve Efficiency and Productivity
by eliminating complex sales process

Benefits for Traditional Wholesalers
Prevent Sales Order wrongly Key In | Save cost on Training and Hiring admin | Admin No Need Key In Sales Order anymore | Salesman able to save time on stock availability check | Salesman Can Direct Send Invoice And Quotation To Customer | Salesman Able To View All Products Catalog On Phone / Pad | Salesman No Need Spend Time On Writing Order Form & Email Back To Admin | Manager able To Track Salesman Daily Appointment And Customer Visit | Manager Approval workflow - No need to check credit limit, below min price and overdue limit


Why SalesHero ?
Our team of professionals have had more than 10 years experience in both software development and customer service. We know what you need and we can give you our words to make your business operate at its best !