MyQ Queue VSQ1224-R4 Management System
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This is a Value Stand Alone Queue System that allows more manageable calling function with the flexibility to upgrade voice module in future. This system can be installed at any business where customer service is an important part for them.


Who To Buy ?

  • Customer who does NOT need a Ticket Printer, but with his own manual ticket system.
  • Customer who needs 4 digits display.
  • Customer who is budget conscious but appreciate the flexibility of voice module upgradability (a hardware that will read out the Ticket Number & Counter Number in human voice) in future.
  • Any service center with only 1 service and 1 room/counter.
  • Clinic, Warehouse Collection Center, Single Payment Counter, etc.
System Functionality
  • Sequential Call
    Call customer by pressing the keypad, then start serving customer. Upon finish serving, press on the keypad again to end the transaction. Repeat the process to call the next customer (The calling number will automatically increment by 1).
  • Recall
    Repeat calling your customer if he/she does not respond or unaware of the process. Try to practice this a few times before proceed to next number. Unlimited times of recall are allowed.
  • Random call
    Calling customer by pressing a number from keypad. This is particularly useful if you issue the manual ticket label to customers and would like one of them to jump queue. This can be done by simply pressing the manual ticket number that the person is holding onto the keypad.
  • Number Reset
    To restart the ticket number, simply perform random call with the number 0001 and follow by sequential call.
  • 4 digits, 2.3" / 4" character height superbright 7-segment red / green LED
  • Silver anodized aluminum frame
  • LCD display keypad
  • RJ45 connection interface
  • Sequential call
  • Recall
  • Random call