Advantages of Using QnE Cloud Payroll & HR

We have included a pre-configured dashboard that will allow a user to be able to analyse and see the overall information of their employees & their pay scale. With this powerful dashboard, it saves you the time needed to prepare reports when everything you need to know is available in one single screen.

Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal 

Allows employee to update their personal information accordingly
Ability to update daily To-Do-List with reminder
Employees are able to apply their leave themselves online
Helps in managing individual’s annual leave balance & sick leave balance
The portal also allows employee to view and download the soft copy of their monthly payslip / EA Form



Advantages of Using QnE Cloud Payroll & HR
Powerful Features You Don't Want To Miss


Integrated with Accounting Software 
Payroll accounting journal will be processed automatically posted to accounting software simultaneously. 

Data Security  
Uses the same security as banks, meaning your private information is guarantee safe. Also your payroll history is not lost if your computer crashes.

Employee Access  
Offers a separate login for employees with access to their own information. Doing so has been found to boost employee engagement. Self-management allows employees to view their own time cards as well as e-Leave.

Maintenance Free  
Say NO to expensive hardware investment and expensive software updates.

Cloud Payroll is accessible anytime anywhere. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. You are no longer confined to your desktop.

Automatic Updates Mobility  
When your payroll is in the cloud, the software provider can make automatic updates when tax rates change. This means payroll calculations is always accurate.

Product Features   
e-Payroll Module
e-Leave Module
e-Claim Module
Employee Self-Service Portal
Shortlisted Candidate Self-Service Portal
Employee Profile Management
Link to LHDN PCB Calculator
Leave Calendar
Employee Salary Process
Statutory Type
Report Modules
Electronic Payment
Payroll (Commission/Bonus/First Half/Second Half)
eApproval (Multi Management)
To Do List
Announcement & Notice Board
Email Notifications
Loan Repayment Scheduler
Report Designer
Direct Bank Integration
Accountant Log in
Multilingual (English & Chinese)
Latest Security Feature (JWT Authentication)