What Is e-Invoice QnE Cloud Accounting ?



QnE e-Invoice Cloud Accounting
Features built-in Artificial Intelligence Modules to augment business efficiency,
compliance and performance


QnE e-Invoice Cloud Accounting Software is the newest and latest addition to QnE Software’s line of product focusing on the requirement of SMEs looking for a SST-ready, user-friendly and accessible accounting software that can adapt to the fast-changing business landscape.

Comply with Malaysia Government Tax Requirements quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere. QnE e-Invoice Cloud Accounting Software is tailored to cater SMEs’ needs for an efficient yet cost-effective business solution to help track invoices, expenses, and reports.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

SST Advisor Module
SST Advisor is an engineered knowledge designed to evaluate the Sales and Service Tax Report of a company prior to the final submission to Royal Malaysian Customs Department. By using this feature, users can easily seek advise to ensure that the report to be submitted is in compliance with the ruling of Sales and Service Tax implemented by Malaysia Government.


Optical Character Recognition Module
OCR Module is a Scan and Save feature of QnE e-Invoice Cloud Accounting where users can simply scan printed or written text from a document or image file that will be converted to a text then into a transaction entry. This feature will help users save time by reducing time spent on manual data entry. This will also improve Data Accuracy as it is designed with built-in algorithms that analyses and extracts information with verified accuracy.

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Why Choose QnE e-Invoice Cloud Accounting
Powerful Features You Don't Want To Miss


Sales and Service Tax
Click to generate SST Forms, Reports, Certificates, and DAT Files with ease. QnE e-Invoice Cloud Accounting Malaysia is tailored-fit to Malaysia Tax Regulations making it easier to report and comply with the Governing Bodies.

OCR Module Ready (Quick Scan) 
Optical Character Recognition Module allows the user to scan printed or written documents and images that converts into a transaction entry in the system. Thus, increasing data accuracy and eliminating error, saving both time and resources of the company.

Centralized Dashboard 
QnE e-Invoice Cloud Accounting Malaysia includes a preconfigured dashboard that will allows user to analyze and see the overall information of the company’s financial performance.

Invoice and Bills Management 
Create multiple invoices with comprehensive pricing rules, stock bundling, and even with partial delivery. Share copies of the invoice online via email, telegram, or URL.

Multi User Security 
Promote collaboration and teamwork by having multiple users to access the system and at the same time controlling “who can see what” with security system role module.

Multi Platform Capabilities 
Log-in using a secured credentials via mobile phone, laptop or tablet anytime, anywhere.

Report Generations 
Generate different financial, customer, or supplier reports to get the better view of the company’s overall performance.

In-App Chat Support 
No need to worry when faced with technical difficulties. QnE e-Invoice Cloud Accounting Malaysia has a chat support built inside the system for easier chat assistance plus an access to QnE Academy that holds knowledge base about the system.

Integration Ready 
Integrate with QnE Cloud Payroll and HR Software, QnE Digital Portal, and even with POS Machines, barcode scanner and more with API.

Security and Backup Setup 
QnE is using Microsoft Azure technology that allows data to be stored in a multi-redundant hardware setup, where the backup is taken in multiple servers to ensure total protection. It also runs automatic and regular backups to guarantee data security even when things take a wrong turn.