Access The System Anytime, Anywhere With Any Devices

Handle Full Set Accounts
This includes the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and SST Module. The GL Module provides centralised accounting data for finance reporting and enables real time update of sub ledgers. You are able to ensure data accuracy WHILE eliminating time-consuming reconciliation with the help of auto-posting.
Optical Character Recognition Module
Optical Character Recognition Module (OCR) is essentially a Scan & Save feature allowing users to simply scan printed or written text from a document or image file which will then be automatically converted into text and then straight into a transaction entry. This feature will help users save time spent on manual data entry and improve data accuracy as it it designed with built-in algorithms that analyst and extract information with verified accuracy.
The Sky is NOT the limit with QNE Cloud Accounting

Take a look of what's inside the newest QnE Cloud Accounting Software and know how it can change the way you do business


Cloud Payroll & HR Software
Payroll processing with HR system integration is made possible via our secure cloud-based platform

For Accountant or Payroll Outsource Agencies who need more companies and employees and above, you can get QNE Cloud Payroll & HR Software with as low as RM2.22 per company per month.
For company that do not required Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal and more than 30 employees, you can get QNE Cloud Payroll with as low as RM1.67 per employees per month
Advantages of Using QnE Cloud Payroll & HR

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UBS Accounting Software Modules and Capabilities

Different business departments work closely together to generate the maximum output. UBS integrates various modules so that you can have a complete view and control of your business. 

Why Access UBS ?
Streamline your invoicing process and enhance efficiency by adopting eInvoicing. Unlike traditional methods, eInvoices are exchanged directly between buyers' and suppliers' software, eliminating manual data entry and enhancing speed, accuracy, and security.
Modern Dashboard
Enjoy a streamlined experience with UBS AIB's modern interface. Navigate effortlessly with bookmark options, sorting capabilities, and keyword search. Perform tasks efficiently with a single click, and manage administrative duties at your own pace.
Access UBS Accounting & Billing
Malaysia’s #1 accounting software, trusted by over 500,000 SMEs. Optimise your work with effortless compliance and ease of use. Keep your books up to date, get paid faster and stay on top of your cash flow.
Access UBS Inventory & Billing
Stay on top of your stock levels, get all the information you need to make smarter business decisions, fast.


Unleash the power of retails with
 6-in-1 solutions

Multiple stores control at one place. Anywhere, anytime, no extra manpower needed.
Multiple stores, control at one place. Anywhere and anytime, with no extra manpower needed.
Limitless sales growth in store & online
Bring your business online and auto-sync with in-store POS, empowering your business to sell day and night.
Simplify inventory & get smarter with advanced thingy, makes stock control an absolute breeze!
Simplify inventory & smarter with advance thingy, making stock control an absolute breeze!
Transform is now. Heard of omnichannel?
Seamlessly integrating orders, click & collect; let your shops handle delivery. Fulfilling local community is faster, easier & cheaper!
O2O loyalty marketing for more possibilities
Engage customers with cardless convenient experience, plus O2O member rewards!
Automate your accounting tasks
Billing is a click, accounting is automated. Payment & finance reconcile. That’s time saving & error almost nil.
Not sure which solution to choose?
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DynaMod gives you streamline order processing & billings so you can get products to customer faster.

Auto actions for high order volume
Orders from all channels are processed automatically within minutes. Quicken fulfillment & get paid right away.
Upkeep orders within clicks
Edit orders, create bills easily within one same platform anytime anywhere.

Track at a glance
Clear order status, new in, outstanding, cancel, refund invoices. Streamlined and manage under one hub.

Always right
Eliminate order missing, price, stock errors with less problem handling.



DynaMod gives you full control over your inventory with no need for third-party software 

Auto sync inventory
Whenever an order is processed, stock will be auto deducted.

Stay informed
Set low stock notifications and be notified, no more stock-outs or overstocking.

Track at a glance
For each SKU, you know exactly how many you have on hand, and restock across multiple channels.

Full Visibility
Real time stock control for both online and offline as your business grows.

Update with a few clicks
Change stock levels & prices individually, or by batches. Easily allocate to multiple channels.


Professional & Customize for Restaurant

FeedMe Smart POS 20 in 1
FeedMe App
Customers can now direct place order
from the feedme website or app.
Standard your customer traffic, ease the
trouble from managing orders from
whatsapp or facebook messenger
Backend Portal
Using a back-end portal empowers you to manage your restaurant's menus, reports and inventory. Easily make an offer or set up promotions any time.
Support Different Devices
FeedMe software support different screen view includes tablet and mobile view. In addition, we also provide dedicated hardware system.
2 minutes to discover FeedMe Smart POS System